Your own self-identity is fundamental to how you perceive the world and how you behave. I will teach you how to reflect upon your own identity and to understand how it impacts how you view the world and how to align your values to those around you.

Organisational Resilience

How resilient are you or your organisation? Are you able to anticipate, prepare for, respond to and adapt to continuous change in order to grow? Arm yourself with the habits and best practices that ensure a level of individual and wider workplace resilience and how to use this to make the most of opportunities that present themselves.

Personal Resilience

How do you cope and adapt in the face of tragedy, trauma, adversity, hardship, and ongoing life stressors? Resilient individuals tend to manifest adaptive behaviour, making them better equipped to deal with change or difficult circumstances. Explore how you can become more enlightened and consequently more adaptive to the stressors around you.


When we feel valued and involved, we are are freed of the insecurities and doubts that come with feeling overlooked. This empowerment improves our performance at work, increases well-being, gives us better job satisfaction and strengthens our relationships. 


To be mindful is simply to have the ability to be fully present and in the moment, as opposed to being distracted and anxious over distant stressors. This can have numerous benefits, from stress reduction and better coping to increased levels focus and happiness. Develop the key tenets of mindfulness and how to apply these in your personal and professional life.

Growth Culture

A growth culture is an environment that feels safe, where leaders take responsibility for their shortcomings, where individuals are encouraged to seek support when needed, and where everyone is listened to and included. Learn about the importance of building an empathetic work environment built upon honestly, openness, and trust. 

Workplace Behaviours

The workplace is a controlled community with a shared purpose. However, we all have different behavioural preferences and how we respond to our preferences and those of our colleagues can create magic or friction. This self-knowledge will empower you to recognise triggers that don’t serve you and enable you to manage the way you communicate with, respond to and engage with your colleagues.

Conflict Versus Trust

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable but very rarely dealt with properly and this is often due to a lack of trust. When people do not trust each other, they cannot feel comfortable expressing their true selves and cannot allow themselves to be vulnerable. Learn how to differentiate different forms of conflict, how to cultivate trust within the workplace, and how to create a broader climate which is centred on cohesion and organisational harmony.

Value Alignment

Researchers have shown that when employee’s values are aligned with those of their organisation, they report being happier, more engaged, and rate their levels of well-being higher. Discover how strong organisational values are the sum of those of the individuals in the organisation.


How can you make the outcome you would like, desirable for the person most able to give it to you? Influence is doing just that – enabling a colleague or client to see that what you are proposing is valuable and needed. Acquire the knowledge of influence and persuasion strategies to be used in an ethical manner to create value for all parties.


We live in a world increasingly obsessed with self-reflection and a number of contemporary methods for enhancing well-being. Likewise, with social media content and platforms offering podcasts and talks, there is a glut of information available telling us how to become more successful or less stressed or any number of things. This is great, but, which bits of advice do we chose to listen to? How do we embed these forms of conventional wisdom into our lives? And how do we know it is working – contributing to our growth? Learn how to apply the knowledge you have acquired and how to measure whether it is truly helpful.

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